How To Use ()

To Sell

1. Click on the “Sign Up” circle.

2. Fill in the blanks to register for free. Check email for SKADCO confirmation. (if unavailable check Spam or Junk)

3. You will be directed to your organizer's page, where you can customize your FUND background, name your FUND, add your Paypal email and add your FUND profile picture.

4. Click on "Add/Edit Fund" to add your FUND story, photos, video and FUND goal.

5. All sales are processed through Paypal. You will need only an email to start your SKADCO listings.

6. When a customer purchases your item, the money will go directly to your Paypal account or email.

7. Fee: SKADCO charges a nominal fee of .50 cents per transaction after donations are made, allowing almost all profits to be enjoyed. Compare to companies charging a sales percentage fee and be amazed at how much more you will raise with SKADCO.

8. Share, share, share! Skadco allows you to share your FUND via many social media's. You can also copy your FUND link and add to emails and website's. By sharing your FUND and asking others to do the same you increase your FUND's exposure and overall success.

9. Thank you for FUNDing a friend or a cause, we wish you all the best and please spread the word that SKADCO never touches your profits.

To Purchase

1. Sign up, or simply browse.

2. Search by Fund name or categories.

3. After browsing, you need to register to do any transactions.

4. Advance Search is available on multiple criteria , including zip code.

5. Once in a FUND, you can donate by clicking on the Fund Now button.

6. Confirm your donation, add a comment and finalize donation.

7. Be Happy! You just helped Fund a friend or a cause. Nice Matters....well done!