Frequently Asked Question and Answers is an online market place, where you can buy or sell used or new items.
SKADCO is unique by allowing sellers to customize their own market page and then sell items. Pictures and video can be added to each item and then sellers can send their market page via social media and email.
SKADCO offers a flat fee of $5 to list 10 items for 30 days. If items remain active after 30 days, you will be charged another $5 per 10 items to continue the listing each month. If all your items sold in 30 days, you will not be charged again.
SKADCO does not charge a sales percentage fee, so please enjoy 100% of the profits.
SKADCO allows you to add multiple pictures and up to 16MB of video for every item listed
Absolutely. Imagine if you had 20 donated items totaling $3,000. SKADCO would charge you $10 to list and sell. Other sites charge 5-10 % sales percentage fees, which would total $150-$300. And SKADCO allows multiple pictures and video.